The Moon Ain't Real

The Moon Ain't Real

Is the Moon Fake? Maybe it’s true? Anything seems possible these days!

Hello I'm John


There are lessons to be learned from the content of this song!

I'm Going For a Walk

I'm Going For a Walk

 Walking is the greatest song writing medicine.

Denver Airport Single

Denver Airport

Recent Single by Dendee! The conspiracy of Denver Airport!

Brown Bread Single

Brown Bread

Brown bread and cockney rhyming slang! You have to hear this!

Thinking About Elvis Single

Thinking About Elvis

A wonderful tribute by Dendee to the late, great Elvis Presley.

Mustang Oklahoma Gophers

Mustang Oklahoma Gophers

Latest new album inspired by Dendee's recent move to Mustang, Oklahoma.

I'm a Limey Redneck in Chicago Album

I'm a Limey Redneck in Chicago

True stories that lead into related songs about the life of a Chicago redneck from Britain.

I've Got a Feeling in My Water Album

I've Got a Feeling in my Water

Blues/Rock album contains great music along with the usual comedy from Dendee

Lost in Aust in Album

Lost in Aust in

Fun packed album with great melodies and unique comical lyrics

I Can't Be Serious Album

I Can't Be Serious

A compilation of all Dendee's greatest comedy songs

I Got Fired Today Album

I Got Fired Today

Great rock songs with strong melody's that are catchy, fun, and extremely entertaining.

Kombucha Album


One of Dendee's favorite drinks served chilled, whilst sitting on the porch with his guitar.

Dendee's Mission

To make great quality music that puts a smile on people’s dial and remind them not to take life too seriously.

Dendee's Goal

To brighten up every listener’s day no matter what is going on in their lives or the world.

Dendee's Promise

To always write great comedy songs that make people laugh and jiggle around.

Dendee Music Reviews

I'm a Limey Redneck in Chicago


Dendee Music ReviewLOVE my Dendee. I listen to the songs in my car on the way to makes me smile and gets my day off to a great start!!

I've Got a Feeling in My Water


Dendee Music ReviewAlright, well I haven't bought the CD yet, but I've listened to all the tracks and I love it! The tea song is amazing, but the gay one is also fabulous, and come on who doesn't love the big butt song. Dendee is amazing, and I urge everyone to go buy it right after I do!

Lost in Aust in


Dendee Music ReviewToo funny...........enjoy all his CD's and hope he will continue. Hate to think of not being able to hear is comical opinions on life. Thanks so much for making me smile.

I'm a Limey Redneck in Chicago

JoE Craft of the Daily Blame

Dendee Music ReviewI Love Dendee!!! This is one of the funniest albums i have ever heard, and highly suggest a tour to follow, me and my associates would be most thrilled to have it come within 50 miles of Glen Ellyn IL. Side note; 'Sitting on the porch in my underwear, drinking beer all day' is a great way to live.

I've Got a Feeling in My Water

Beth Ann

Dendee Music ReviewThis is an awesome CD!!!! I bought it because of the "I Wanna Cup of Tea" track but have fallen in love with all of it. How can you possibly be down when listening to it? It makes me laugh out loud and is addictive!!!! Thanks to Adagio Teas for linking it on their website.

I'm a Limey Redneck in Chicago

Lol 'n'Fred Harriott.

Dendee Music ReviewOne of the best comedy songs we have heard. Great stuff mate. All these tunes are original,good and varied tempos,sharp and well put together lyrics.We wish you the very best.

I'm a Limey Redneck in Chicago


Dendee Music ReviewPretty Dam good! if I say so myself, wife and kids loved it. Hope to hear more in the near future. greetings from SAN ANTONIO

I'm a Limey Redneck in Chicago

Tweed river radio

Dendee Music Reviewuk humour in chicago Im a limey redneck exposes the long held belief that the english are a humorless lot. Dendee portrays the average yobbo in fine style. A laugh a second. Well worth a listen !!

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