I’ve Got a Feeling in My Water

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Beth Ann

Dendee Music ReviewThis is an awesome CD!!!! I bought it because of the "I Wanna Cup of Tea" track but have fallen in love with all of it. How can you possibly be down when listening to it? It makes me laugh out loud and is addictive!!!! Thanks to Adagio Teas for linking it on their website.


Dendee Music ReviewAlright, well I haven't bought the CD yet, but I've listened to all the tracks and I love it! The tea song is amazing, but the gay one is also fabulous, and come on who doesn't love the big butt song. Dendee is amazing, and I urge everyone to go buy it right after I do!


Dendee Music ReviewToo funny.....I listen to it on the way to work I absolutely love this CD. I listen to it each morning on my way to work and then on the way home. It makes me happy. I have the songs in my head at work & have been telling my co-workers about the cute songs. I have a rather stressful job and this helps me start the day with a smile. Thanks a lot!!!


Dendee Music ReviewI also bought the cd because of the tea song, but I am thoroughly enjoying all of them. They make me laugh. Keep writing great songs!

I've Got a Feeling in My Water

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I Want a Cup of Tea

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I've Got the Comb Over Blues

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Her Butt's Too Big

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I Must Forget My Blues and Get Back in the Groove

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Get Up Off Your Lazy Ass

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My Baby's a Scrubber

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I'm Not Gay, I Just Act That Way

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I'm Out in the Rain

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Got My Blues On

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About This Album

In 2003 Dendee released his second album, I’ve Got a Feeling in my Water, and has since had many sales plus great reviews from fans and professionals. One professional reviewer called Dendee’s style unique. These are words that must be received as a great compliment in a time when new things are rare. Dendee is still overwhelmed at the response from fans who continue to be delighted with many of his songs.


This blues/rock CD contains good music along with the usual great comedy from Dendee. Once again he has created much interest and laughter from crazy song titles and lyrics. The most popular downloaded song on album 2 is track 4, Her Butt’s Too Big. Many fans have nicknamed it the Big Butt Song although, Sir Mix-a-Lot would probably have something to say about that. He has also had much success with track 2, I Want a Cup of Tea, all thanks to the Adagio Teas company for featuring the tea song on their Website.


In February 2017 we were informed by NBC that I Want A Cup Of Tea had reached Top 40 Status!


NBC- Top 40 I Want a Cup Of Tea

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