The Moon Ain’t Real

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About This Single

David Icke was the first person I am aware of to suggest that the moon is not real, and that it is in fact an elaborate space craft that advanced Alien beings have positioned near to the earth to monitor and control the human race!  Maybe it’s true? Anything seems possible these days!


Ordinary people worldwide seem very aware that something out of the ordinary is certainly going on! But until someone comes up with solid proof, we have to remain skeptical! Some people refer to David Icke as a lunatic, but he continues to have a huge and ever expanding following worldwide! I believe that this will continue as long as people constantly see things in our skies that can’t be explained, and claims of alien abduction grow!


Others are now voicing the same thing, during various TV programs, giving their theories and reasons for their claims about our moon being fake! These are intelligent people who try to research carefully before making claims, but always use phrases like, “What if?” “Could it be?” “Is it possible?” and so on, before making statements that they believe could be true, but are unable to prove!


If alien beings are indeed monitoring us humans, they are almost certainly aware that nobody among us has the sole ability to control our problems, such as climate control, population size, racism, greed, and dishonest corrupt leadership! If they are indeed out there monitoring us, then we must ask, do they have the ability to stop us destroying ourselves?

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