I’m a Limey Redneck in Chicago

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JoE Craft of the Daily Blame

Dendee Music ReviewI Love Dendee!!! This is one of the funniest albums i have ever heard, and highly suggest a tour to follow, me and my associates would be most thrilled to have it come within 50 miles of Glen Ellyn IL. Side note; 'Sitting on the porch in my underwear, drinking beer all day' is a great way to live.

Tweed river radio

Dendee Music Reviewuk humour in chicago Im a limey redneck exposes the long held belief that the english are a humorless lot. Dendee portrays the average yobbo in fine style. A laugh a second. Well worth a listen !!

Lol 'n'Fred Harriott.

Dendee Music ReviewOne of the best comedy songs we have heard. Great stuff mate. All these tunes are original,good and varied tempos,sharp and well put together lyrics.We wish you the very best.


Dendee Music ReviewPretty Dam good! if I say so myself, wife and kids loved it. Hope to hear more in the near future. greetings from SAN ANTONIO


Dendee Music ReviewLOVE my Dendee. I listen to the songs in my car on the way to work....it makes me smile and gets my day off to a great start!!

I'm a Limey Redneck

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Sarasota Nights

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The Poser

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Trouble in the Ozone

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So Blue

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The Simple Things in Life

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It's Bill Shakespeare's Birthday Today

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Talking in Your Sleep

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About This Album

This was the first solo album ever released by Dendee back in the year 2000. Most of the music on this album was written and recorded in Florida, U.S.A. between 1994 and 1999. In 1999 Dendee moved in to an apartment in the windy city of Chicago. After a year a suitable house was found with enough space in the basement to construct his very own recording studio. It was within these four walls that he mixed his first solo album, I’m a Limey Redneck in Chicago.


Not long after the release of the album Dendee received an email from a radio station in Australia which read “great stuff mate, you’ve got a lot of talent there”. To his surprise he found out that two of the tracks from the album, The Poser and I’m a Limey Redneck, were on their air play charts! Dendee soon realized that the comedy songs were very successful which gave him a great guide for his second album I’ve Got a Feeling in My Water.

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