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Click on any of the album titles on the below menu to view a detailed track by track list of all sound recordings currently owned and on general release from Dendee Music/Records. As owners of the copyrighted master recordings Dendee Music reserves the right to pursue any illegal copying or uses of its products. Copies of all master recordings on this Website are registered for copyright purposes with the Library of Congress Copyright Office in Washington DC. The recordings are also registered with PRS for Music which is an official British Performing Right organization that Issues licenses and collects royalties from broadcasting and public performance sources.

What is Copyright?

Copyright protects original literary, dramatic, and artistic works. It allows an original work to be considered a property that is owned by somebody. The framework for copyright law is the copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988. In music, copyright begins automatically once a piece of music is created, and documented or recorded. (e.g. On video, CD or simply writing down the score) If you own the copyright you possess the sole authority to, copy the music, issue, lend or rent copies to the public, perform, show or play the music in public. To listen to a work from our catalogue, go to the relevant album page on this Website. Each album page has an audio clip of each song/work.


To view the details of any track/work in the Dendee Music catalogue, including tune codes, locate the album title in the below menu.

Copyright Details - I'm a Limey Redneck in Chicago

Copyright Details - I've Got a Feeling in my Water

Copyright Details - Lost in Aust in

Copyright Details - I Can't Be Serious

Copyright Details - I Got Fired Today

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