About Dendee

Musician and Comedy Entertainer

Dendee grew up in the north London suburb of Wood Green. As a child he was very keen to pursue music and joined the Salvation Army band. During his time there he learned to play the cornet, but he really wanted to play an instrument that helped him to write songs. Mum and Dad came to the rescue and bought him his first guitar.


Dendee taught himself how to play and before long the songs began to emerge. He bought some basic recording equipment so that he could lay down his song ideas.

Cherry Studios Business Card

It wasn’t long after that he landed a publishing deal with the world’s largest independent music publisher, Peer Music. At first there was great enthusiasm from both sides, but when the songs didn’t take off the partnership cooled. Life after that mainly consisted of playing in a band a few nights a week and working as an engineer at Cherry Recording Studio during the day. He still managed to dedicate some of his spare time to song writing.


In February 1994 he moved to Florida and began buying new digital recording equipment, the technology had now become affordable to have a home recording studio. He began recording all of the basic tracks that later became his first solo album, I’m a Limey Redneck in Chicago.

Dendee spent 5 years living in the Sunshine State of Florida and then moved to the windy city of Chicago. A year later he constructed his very own recording studio in the basement of his house. It was within these four walls that he mixed his first solo album which was released in the year 2000. He later went on to record and mix his second solo album, I’ve Got a Feeling in my Water, which was released in 2003.


Lost in Aust in was released in 2007, it took 4 years to complete and the wacky title reflects his mood upon his arrival in Austin, Texas.


In 2009 he released album 4, I Can’t Be Serious, which containes many of his comedy songs plus remixes of certain tracks, it was issued as a reflection of his live performaces. Then in 2010 came a single titled, Sitting On The Toilet Writing A Song, it was released in digital form only but is included as a physical track on Album 5 which is called, I Got Fired Today. This album was released at the end of February, 2012 and has 8 songs.

Dendee's Recording Studio in Chicago
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