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Kombucha Man

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Jack the Stripper

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I Love Naughty Girls

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Send Me a Valentine

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About This Album

Let us first talk about this word Kombucha, what does it mean? You think maybe it’s a new type of Karate or martial arts self-defense class? Well no!  Kombucha is actually a drink that I came across whilst hanging out with some very health conscious people In Brisbane, Australia.  It is a fermented tea that is said to contain healthy bacteria, yeasts, and probiotics.  I live in Texas and during the summer heat it became my favorite drink served chilled, and perhaps a more healthy way to cool down whilst sitting on my porch with my guitar.


You can buy Kombucha at many supermarkets and health food stores, but I always get mine at the local farmers market where you can bring your own container to fill, it’s a lot cheaper that way! It comes in a few different flavors and the best way to find out which one you like it is to ask for a small sample taste. As you can see, track 1. Is called, Kombucha and when people hear the song many will hopefully take the time and trouble to find out what it is!


Let’s face it most people know me for crazy songs that make you chuckle, but I do always try to give the songs decent tunes.  This CD is a little different in as much as it only contains 2 of those typical Dendee creations.


Being British, people often give me their suggestions of what to write songs about, these are usually people that have never been to the UK and try to impress me with what they think they know about the place, which is most times not very much!  One such suggestion came from a gentleman who had been drinking rather a lot of beer. With his foul beer breath bombarding my nostrils he said, “Jack The Ripper, you need to do a song about Jack the Ripper,” to which I replied, “I do comedy songs and there’s nothing funny about a psychopathic murdering maniac who cut woman to pieces”!  He replied “come on I’ll buy a copy if you do it”.  So trying hard to be a business man I came up with, Jack the Stripper. Even though this guy sounds like a bit of a pervert, he hopefully wouldn’t want to kill anyone and would probably be well known to the police because gets arrested on a regular basis for indecent exposure.


The next humorous song on the album is called “I Like Naughty Girls”! There’s a title that instantly brings smiles to a lot of faces.  I decided it would sound good as a country style track, and people seem to agree, it works!


I wrote a typical blues song called “ I’m a Highwayman”  I really wanted to give it a different  treatment and get away from the standard old blues format.  I hope that was the right decision and you like what I did with it. I lived with the song for quite a while when I was recording it, and I still like it!


Halloween is a song about a guy who stays in a very creep house on Halloween for a laugh, but finds it less that funny. He decides that next year he is going to stay home and go with the kids to get candy.


Please send me a Valentine is the last song on this CD.  It was recorded in 1996, and I released it as a tribute to my then teenage son Mark who worked with me to produce it at a time when we had just got our new recording equipment. We had fun!

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